PALSNet Donations

The PALSNet system serves  Skywarn, Disaster aid, Homeland Security, Traveler's aid, Message handling and General amateur communications.  It has Battery backup and is ready in time of emergency to provide wide area coverage over a large area of Northeastern South Carolina and Southern North Carolina.

We have a support organization, the PALSNet Association, for help with on going expenses, technical knowledge, and man(woman) power. The PALSNet Association is an IRS 501-(c)3 tax deductable organization.  We would like
you to be a part of this process.  Your contributions of money, time, efforts and participation in the Nets all help sustain this organization.  Please join now.


There are no dues for belonging to the PALSNet Association, but there are continuing needs for tower rental, power, equipment and system repair and maintenance.  Monetary donations may be sent to the address below for the support of the system.  Bert Bolton KB4ERT , the PALS Treasurer, may be reached on the PALSNET or at (843) 873-9489 (Home) or using e-mail at Mail for Bert.  Donations of time, expertise, and general sweat equity are just as important and just as appreciated.  Thank you for your support!

Please Send Monetary donations to.... PALSNET
c/o Bert Bolton, KB4ERT
104 Helen Dr.
Summerville, SC 29483

OR You can use the PayPal Donate link below